Balkan Night Dance Parties in Columbus, Ohio

What's New 

Please note that we are starting at 7:30 PM now, and ending at 10:30 PM. This will accommodate kids and us geezers who poop out early.

A party atmosphere will prevail with live and recorded music, your requests, and non-stop folk dancing on a wooden dance floor. We do folk dances from the Balkan countries, including Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, and Albania. We also do some dances from nearby Armenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, and sometimes Israel, Sweden, and Denmark, which are far away, but have fun dances.

Feel free to just come as you are. We'll also be teaching dances occasionally and spontaneously during the evening. If there's something you want taught, please ask.

We will have snacks! (Please bring something to share, but no alcohol.)
We will have your favorite dance music! (Bring your favorite CD's, MP3 thumb drives, iPods, or smart phones. Sorry, we can't read tapes anymore.)

We can play CD's, iPods, and computer files on our hi-tech sound system!

Lots of dials.    Not too loud.

Sometimes we have live music!

Electricity not needed. 

We have local and out-of-town bands play live music for us when possible. We may even put on a party with a live band on tour. Check this page for updates.

We have an e-mailing list to remind you each month, and to tell you about any updates. if you want to be on our mailing list.

Fall/Winter/Spring 2016-2017 Schedule

7:30 PM to 10:30 PM party.

$5 Donation

September 24

Last Month Of Summer
We start our season off with your favorite recorded Balkan music for dancing. Bob Snider will DJ, and there will be teaching of basic Balkan dances from 7:30 to 8:00. Please bring a snack to share if you can.

October 22

This is the 4th Saturday, but Halloween is next week, but we don't care. Spooky goings-on will be provided. Bob Snider will DJ and host the fun at our Halloween Balkan Dance Party. If you can, wear orange! There will be teaching of basic Balkan dances from 7:30 to 8:00! Be ready for unusual music to some of our favorite dances.

November 26 Work Off the Turkey and Election Party
This is our regular TG weekend party to help you use up what you over-ate on Thursday! Regardless of election results, we will still have basic Balkan dance teaching 7:30-8.
December 17 Week Before Holidays Party - Live music by Mixed Bag
Come dance with us and celebrate before the December holidays. Admission is free this month. We will have live music by Mixed Bag in addition to your favorite recordings. Basic Balkan dance teaching 7:30-8.
January 28

Winter Party - Live music by Vatra Živa
Hopefully no snow to slow us down! We will have live music by Vatra Živa in addition to your favorite recordings. Basic Balkan dance teaching 7:30-8.

February 25 Heart Party - Live Music by Hajde
Celebrate Heart Month and Valentine's Day with us. Hajde will play a short set of Bulgarian dance tunes. We will also celebrate Baba Marta, the beginning of the month of March. Basic Balkan dance teaching 7:30-8.
March 25 Equinox Party
The equinox was just 3 days ago so it is now spring! Basic Balkan dance teaching 7:30-8.
April 22

Earth Day Party
We will have some special dances to honor the only planet we know to be inhabited. Basic Balkan dance teaching 7:30-8.


Location: Click here for a map. 

St. John's Township Hall (formerly known as Sharon Township Hall)
67 East Dublin-Granville Road (State Route 161)
Worthington, Ohio 43085
(This is the second driveway east of High Street on 161.)

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