Robert A. Snider

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I am mostly retired as of 2017. I do occasional specialty work out of my home with limited hours, such as the Arm & Hammer™ Pet ID Tags and Cat Charms promotions.

Over twenty years experience in computer software and hardware development on both mainframe and micro-computer systems. Currently specializing in expert-level

Experienced with team leadership, project management, structured analysis, and design methodologies. Excellent verbal and written skills. Experience with marketing, advertising, training, and customer support.

Internet Development

Microsoft Visual Studio, ASP.NET, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, XML

Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, ActionScript, Fireworks

Adobe PhotoShop, Micrografx Picture Publisher, Sony Sound Forge


Software Development Systems

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET with C#, Visual Basic, C++; Visual C++ 6.0 with Microsoft Foundation Classes; Windows SDK

Database Development

Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft Access; Oracle, MySQL

Object-Oriented Development Tools

Popkin System Architect; I-Logix Rhapsody; Rational Rose; Schlaer-Mellor; UML

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95, Server 2003, Apple iOS 4.0



I have been a software contractor working as Robert Snider Consulting since 1993. The following are highlights of recent work I have done for various clients.

2012-2018 Developed online ordering system for Arm & Hammer™ Pet ID Tags and Cat Charms promotions.

2011 – Linda Lee Greene, artist
Website with database-driven catalog of art work. (

2009-2011 – Putt Putt Fun Center, Lynchburg, Va.
Developed an interactive website for a family entertainment center including custom Flash animations, database, and calendar.

2010 – Private client
Developed an interactive Flash animation that recreates an aviation accident, including moving aircraft, radar display, and communications.

2010 – Inquiry Systems, Inc.
Developed custom online product fulfillment websites for national and local clients, including Arm & Hammer and OSU Medical Center. (, These process large numbers of orders using SQL Server databases and provide order processing, inventory management, and custom checkout gateways.

2009-2010 –
Built interactive website for teaching country line dance using direct video delivery, checkout interface, library, and supporting database and server operations.

2009 – Scioto Software, Columbus, OH
Founded company to develop Apple iPhone applications. Two applications currently in the App Store. Technology includes Objective-C, C++, OpenGL graphics system, Apple Macintosh XCode.

2008-2009 – Delaware Senior Center, Delaware, OH
Developed their web site and database featuring online event calendar and customized content management system. Technology includes ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Access, C#.

2007 — Council For Older Adults, Delaware, OH
Designed a new corporate web page, including a new layout, database of members, automatic email system, and services directory. This site is still under development. Technology includes ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Access, C#.

2005-2007 — National Middle Schools Association, Westerville, OH
Designed and built a web-based system to gather assessments of school performance from teachers and administrators. The system provided statistical reports for individual schools and entire school districts, generating Microsoft Word documents including graphs and charts. Technology included ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL Server, C#, Microsoft Office automation.

2005-2006 — Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH
Designed and built a system to allow generic SCORM interactive courseware to be served to company employees using a web browser, with student records kept in the online SQL Server database. The system allowed SCORM 1.2 standard courses to be run on the LMS without requiring any additional software to be installed on the student's computer. Six courses from other vendors were installed and run on the system. Technology included ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL Server, Oracle, C#, Flash.

2005 — Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH
Designed and built ASP-based online training catalog and registration system. The system assigned students to classes, managed classrooms, maintained an online catalog of courses, and sent email confirmations and reminders to students for their registered classes. Technology included ASP, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL Server.

2003-2004 — Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH
Wrote three web-based interactive courses using ASP and Flash animation. I was the system architect and technical director for the projects, working with subject matter experts, courseware authors, artists, voice and music talent, and other programmers. Student progress and test scores were stored in a Learning Management System using a SQL Server database. Management reports and other system utilities were written to administer the student records LMS. The system serves online courses to over 35,000 company employees world-wide. Technology included Flash animation, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL Server, Oracle, C#.

2003 — Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor, MI.
Designed and built a training evaluation and survey web site. Attendees at training classes could enter course evaluations anonymously, and reports were generated by class and instructor. An interactive course calendar system was also included. Technology included ASP, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ODBC/Access databases.

1998-2001 — Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH
This involved the development of an automated device for processing medical slides. There were two complete devices using embedded systems, an image processor and an automated microscope. I worked on the design and development of both parts of the system using object-oriented analysis and design, and wrote major sections of the program code using an embedded O.O. system and C++. I also participated in hardware selection, testing and documentation. My areas of responsibility included the programming of the slide-handling robot, microscope user interface and controls, and embedded TCP/IP implementation. Technology included Popkin System Architect, I-Logix Rhapsody, UML, Microsoft C++ 6.0, and assembler language.

1998 — Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH
In this project I designed formal ISO-9000 verification procedures for a medical product, an embedded PC system. I constructed a database for requirements and specifications, and a procedure authoring system. I also participated in hardware troubleshooting, designed a testing device to simulate the analog sensor assembly, and helped diagnose problems with digital signal processing. I participated in code reviews and analysis, and helped run the final verification testing. Technology included Microsoft Office and WordPerfect automation, Access database, digital electronic circuit design, and assembler language.

1997-1998 — Retail Planning Associates, Columbus, OH
This was an innovative multimedia project in C++ under Windows 95, using object-oriented design and construction. I designed the communications messaging system, a series of specialized container objects for transmitting data and software by telecommunications. Technology included the Rose object methodology, Rational Rose CASE tool, Microsoft C++, and Borland Delphi.


Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 1969-1971. BSCIS/BSEE programs interrupted by military service. Overall grade point 3.4. Major grade point 4.0. Completed several courses on project and personnel management including systems design methodologies.


Hold a private pilot’s license with instrument rating. Hobbies and other interests include hiking, swing, ballroom, and folk dancing, Balkan folk music, and barbershop harmony. I play the kaval (a Bulgarian and Macedonian folk flute). I can solve Rubik's Cube in 90 seconds.


Available on request.

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