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Chobanska Konservatoriya

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Bulgarian Masters Series
Volume 1


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Bulgarian gudulka by Georgi Gardzharov, accompanied by Ignat Kukov on tambura. (Published in 1999.) The CD and  companion book are sold separately. 

Q: How do you pronounce the title? A: cho-BAHN-skah  kon-sehr-vah-TOR-ee-yah.
Q: What about his name? A: GYOR-ghee  gard-ZHAR-off.

The CD contains 17 beautifully recorded pieces by master Bulgarian gudulka player Georgi Gardzharov accompanied by master tamburist Ignat Kukov. Mr. Gardzharov was born in 1921 and has played gudulka since the age of 8.

The book talks about the life and career of "Bai Georgi" (sort of means Sir Georgi) and Bai Ignat. It includes the written music for 14 of the pieces on the CD.

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Written music is included in the book, except for the slow melodies.
Note: Slow melodies are unmetered, highly ornamented songs which are beautiful to hear but difficult to notate in western music.
Title Meter
Malokonarska Trapeza (slow melody)
& Krivo Malokonarsko Horo
Dali mi sa gurmezhi gurmeli (slow melody)
& Ruchenitsa
Dyado Boikovi Sinove & Pravo Horo 2/4
Nevestinska (Na Daryavane) (slow melody)
& Nevestinska Ruchenitsa
Pasal e Stanyo Shileta (slow melody)
& Pravo Horo
Bai Georgi's Favorite Pravo Horo 2/4
Paidushko Horo 5/8
Pazardzhishka Ruchenitsa 7/8
Pravo Horo 2/4
Buchimish 15/16
Sedi Donka 7+7+11/8
Chetvorno Horo "Sultana" 7/8
Bai Georgi introduces his music
Mohabet (slow melody) & Krivo Horo 11/8
Topolidolska Trapeza
& Krivo Pazardzhishko Horo
Lele Elko 2/4
Srednogorsko Horo 2/4
Panagyursko Krivo Horo 11/8

Total music time: 70 minutes.