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Bulgarian Masters Series

Bulgarian folk music recordings

Sorry, I have discontinued selling CDs and books online. Some books are still available. Email me if you are interested.

These are recordings of Bulgarian master musicians who were not distributed widely in recordings in the U.S. They represent a rich culture of traditional music which is quickly being replaced by western popular styles in Bulgaria. Indeed, these living musicians define a style which soon may be unknown except on discs like these.

The recordings were made or directed by Dr. Lyuben Dossev, the famous kaval professor at the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. They are produced by Paul Morrissett. Digital audio mastering and CD production was done by Bob Snider. A companion book is available for some titles which includes the music, transcribed by Dr. Dossev, for many selections on the CD, as well as biographical information and interviews with the performers. The books were written and translated by Cathie Springer.

Click on the links below to learn more about this wonderful old-style music and hear samples of the music.

Title Artist Instrument
Stoyan Chobanov
(Sold Out)
Stoyan Chobanov Thracian Kaval
Chobanska Konservatoriya
(Sold Out)

Georgi Gardzharov Thracian Gudulka
Preselnichesko Horo
(Sold Out)
Dobrichka Troika Dobrudzhan Trio

Previously available:

Title Artist Contents
No. 5, With Love
Gorish li, lyube, za mene?
Are you burning, love, for me?

(Sold Out)
Iliana and Lyuben Bulgarian dance music
No. 6, With Love
Lekom igra - zemya trese
She dances lightly but the earth shakes

(Sold Out)
Iliana and Lyuben Bulgarian dance music

Lyuben Dossev's book on kaval ornamentation.

Mastering Thracian Kaval Ornamentation: A Handbook
(Sold Out)

Lyuben Dossev Treatise on playing Thracian style ornaments on the kaval

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