No. 6, With Love

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No. 6, With Love

Lekom igra - zemya trese

(She dances lightly but the earth shakes)

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  Sorry, SOLD OUT

By Iliana Bozhanova and Lyuben Dossev. Bulgarian folk dance music. (Published in 1997.)

Q: How do you pronounce their names? A:  ee-lee-YAH-nah  bo-ZHAN-oh-vah,  LYOO-ben  DOH-seff.

This CD is a collection of dance tunes by various musicians from many areas of Bulgaria, including Lyuben Dossev on kaval, Georgi Gardzharov on gudulka, Dimitar Dimitrov on gaida, and the singing of Iliana Bozhaova and Tzvetelina Dosseva. It is used by Iliana Bozhanova for her folk dance workshops. There are many styles and regions represented.

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Written music is included in the book
Note: Slow songs are unmetered, highly ornamented songs which are beautiful to hear but difficult to notate in western music.

Radi le - 13/8 + 9/8b - Strandzha
Cherkezkata - 17/16 - North Bulgaria
Turlashko horo - 2/4 - Hairedin village, North Bulgaria
Trakiiska rachenitsa - 7/8a - Thrace
Glavinishka kopanitsa - 11/8 - W. Thrace
Iglika - 11/8; 2/4 - W. Thrace
Pravo trakiisko horo - 2/4 - Thrace
Lekom igra - 2/4 - Shopluk
Kokoneshta - 2/4 - W. Thrace
Sedi Donka - 7/8 + 7/8 + 11/8 - W. Thrace
Hora ot Draginovo - 8/8; 7/8b; 2/4 - Velingrad area, W. Rhodopes
Paidushko horo - 5/8 - Hairedin village, North Bulgaria
Tornala mi e Enitsa - 2/4 - Rhodopes

Total time: 52 minutes.